Crying in the wilderness

Alice DiMicele / Mother I Feel You / Circle of Women (v/a) / 2006 / EarthBeat!
Amos Garrett / Little Sister / Amosbehavin’ / 1984 / Stony Plain Music
Amy England / While Supplies Last / 12 Summertown / 2012 / Miacomet Records
The Monkees / Early Morning Blues and Greens / Headquarters (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition] / 1967 / Rhino
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band / It’s a Mystery / It’s a Mystery / 1995 / Capitol
Billy Joel / Just the Way You Are / The Stranger / 1977 / Columbia
Carl Perkins, Willie Nelson, Bono, Johnny Cash, & Tom Petty / Give Me Back My Job / Go! Cat! Go! (v/a) / 1996 / Dinosaur
The Monkees / For Pte / Headquarters (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition] / 1967 / Rhino
Carl Perkins, Willie Nelson, Bono, Johnny Cash, & Tom Petty / Give Me Back My Job / Go! Cat! Go! (v/a) / 1996 / Dinosaur
The Monkees / For Pete’s Sake / Headquarters (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition] / 1967 / Rhino
Queen / ’39 / A Night At The Opera / 1975 / Island
Gin Blossoms / Hey Jealousy / New Miserable Experience / 1992 / A&M
Michael Franti & Spearhead / Earth From Outer Space / Buy This Fracking Album (v/a) / 2015 / Movement Music Records
6 String Drag / Give Up the Night / High Hat / 1997 / F Squared
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band / Revisionist Street / It’s a Mystery / 1995 / Capitol
Kristina Stykos / Talk to Me / Horse Thief / 2015 / Thunder Ridge Records
Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash / Two Old Army Pals / Go! Cat! Go! (v/a) / 1996 / Dinosaur
Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard / Missing Johnny Cash / Django And Jimmie / 2015 / Legacy
The Waifs / Rowena and Wallace / Beautiful You / 2015 / Compass/Jarrah
The Tooles / Stagger / Stagger / 2015 / Band o Tooles
Natalie Merchant / Motherland (Live) / Buy This Fracking Album (v/a) / 2015 / Movement Music Records
Tom Beaulieu / Hesitation Blues / The Laughing Vase / 2015 / CD Baby
Billy Joel / She’s Always a Woman / The Stranger / 1977 / Columbia
Gin Blossoms / Pieces of the Night / New Miserable Experience / 1992 / A&M
Kristina Stykos / Human of Peace / Horse Thief / 2015 / Thunder Ridge Records
Katie Dahl / Bicentennial / Ordinary Band / 2015 / Waterbug
Katie Buchanan / Who You Were Before / Glow / 2015 / Katie Buchanan
Pete Seeger / This Land is My Land (Live at Farm Aid 20130 / Buy This Fracking Album (v/a) / 2015 / Movement Music Records
Jackie Morris / Things You Can’t Talk About / Can’t Fix Crazy / 2014 / Button Box Records
Jackie Morris / Can’t Fix Crzy / Can’t Fix Crazy / 2014 / Button Box Records
Francine Reed / You Bug Me / Can’t Make It On My Own / 1996 / Ichiban Old EMD

Accountability post #3

I have been sleeping a lot and when I am not sleeping I have been WEFT-ing or re-reading the Fool’s Gold series (all 16 plus) by Susan Mallery. The next one comes out on July 28.

Finished that up and stumbled into something called Zora and Nicky by Claudia Mair Burney. I picked it randomly because of the title ( and, yes, the young black woman was named Zora because of Zora Neale Hurston. The other character in the title, Nicky, is white. There is a lot of discussion about race and racism…some of it very pointed. Zora and Nicky are both PK’s (preacher’s kids) so the other main thread through the book is religion and both of these threads are tangled up with the love story between Zora and Nicky…

In any case, it was an interesting book and it provided a solid tale…not a black Harlequin romance.

Not to jump the non-sequetorial tracks too far ( this is what I should have been doing all along since I started recording all the books I have read since mid-December, but I have read more fluff than not and I freaking hate writing critiques and even book reviews) but I already had There Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston in my Kindle app so I decided to read it again. I read it back in the mid-1970’s in Roger Whitlow’s Black Women Writer’s class.

slept late, went to Panda Express with TC, went to WEFT and worked on the WMW blog, went to Culvers and had a banana split…now I’m in bed with the cat. Re-reading Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series because I don’t have enough ambition to read anything new.

Still need to: prep Womyn Making Waves and put away laundry. 

Would like to: spend more time with current women’s radio sites so I can start networking.


You are worth at least as much as a cat, and perhaps more. Even if you feel all you are is a burden on others, that’s unlikely to be true. It takes a very barren mind and heart to be nothing but a burden. Even if all you can give is a smile now and then, that might be the smile someone else needs to keep going. And sometimes, even just the fact that you need help, is enough to give structure and meaning to someone else’s life. We all know people who were caretakers for other people and who became better for it. Sarah A. Hoyt

I am being very useless and not very accountable, and I have a horrible track record with goals, but I talked to my therapist yesterday about my lack of focus (which is manifesting itself in sleeping too much (12+ hours a day several days a week) and avoiding life in general). 

She says I need to have something that excites me to focus on…to give me a reason to get out of bed, take my meds, and be able to point to things I have accomplished on a daily basis. So far today I have: slept from 3am to 5:30pm, had a lovely romantic interlude with each of my two husbands (notable because I haven’t been interested in weeks) not cooked supper (Sean took us to L’il Porgies), read an interesting post on playlists via Alex Alyx Vesey, checked out the Thursday News Gazette, including the lovely article in the E3 featuring CU LGBTQ CU Uniting Pride diversity and our own Amy Beth Myers, and that’s about it.

My intention is to go downstairs, change sheets, put away laundry and work on music for Weft Prairie-Air for Womyn Making Waves. We’ll see how much of that happens, because I have been having trouble with rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath since Saturday.

I think I will put this as a blog post too…

Is posting this being passive aggressive?

On this Memorial Day I am at WEFT 90.l fm “Listener supported, volunteer operated community radio for east central Illinois and streaming live around the world.” I don’t usually do Monday afternoons but both the Blues collective and World music needed subs and my other option was cleaning, so here I am.

I’ve been a volunteer at WEFT since sometime in 1984 (doing a feminist news drop in called Feminist Effusion with some other womyn.) I got my FCC license in 1986 because of the Great Women’s Radio Adventure which was done in conjunction with the National Women’s Studies conference held in 1986. Summer of 1987 I took over as a summer sub for the 6-8 am Saturday show…ended up staying in that slot for 5 years doing Womyn’ Music and Music By Women. Took breaks off and on through the 90s but in the early 2000s I joined the Womyn Making Waves collective and, while the collective has waxed and waned through the years I’ve been doing WMW ever since. “I’m not a lesbian, but I play one on the radio”

Womyn Making Waves is a show devoted to women’s music, news, issues and community and it was (I think) the first show that aired on WEFT in September 1981! Imagine…Women’s radio in 1981!. You can find music by women on Pandora and Spotify, on Sirius, on the web. I highly recommend Women of Substance Radio.

Womyn Making Waves is on from 1-3 Sunday. Currently our collective consists of 4 women and all of us have very different takes on what constitutes women’s music. Tune in every week for a new and different sound. The WMW Blog is at: You can even give me a call and let me know what you think: 217-359-9338…that’s FLY-WEFT

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Confused as usual

I am re-entering my Journey after almost a year. The last time I posted was in July 2014…after my retirement but before London. Got home from London and 3 days later left for Florida to spend 5 months with my mom. (She is doing well, but I’m not so sure about me….I’ve been home since late January and haven’t accomplished much except being depressed.


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